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As a large, family-run company and global logistics service provider, DACHSER has a responsibility to society and its standards.
There are transparent rules in place for the company, its bodies and employees.

Along with our own self-imposed moral obligations and values, we regard permanent monitoring as another reason to conduct all our business and services in an ethically and legally sound way. To avoid any kind of conflict of interest, all DACHSER employees adhere not only to our internal rules but also – and without exception – to the applicable laws in all the markets we serve.

They also observe the customs, traditions and societal values of the respective countries. Our compliance management system encompasses a DACHSER code of conduct and the DACHSER conduct guidelines, followed by 26,506 employees world-wide.

Statement by the executive board of the DACHSER Group SE & Co. KG regarding compliance/adherence to competition and antitrust law (2016)

“The DACHSER compliance management system protects our values and preserves our integrity. Our company is a leading logistics company with a range of logistics services that is global in reach.

For DACHSER, the corporate culture is a central success factor when competing internationally. Our corporate philosophy, which has always been shaped by clear ethical values, is the basis of our success. Our employees, in particular, reflect our DACHSER values on a daily basis within the market as part of our globally networked company, and responsibly represent the ‘DACHSER’ brand to the outside world. The shareholders, the supervisory board and the management at DACHSER are dedicated to this family company’s clear commitment to promoting a corporate culture which embodies and externally represents the company values as well as the content of the ‘DACHSER code of conduct’. Every employee is aware that by working at DACHSER, they are being accepted into the environment of this enacted standard of integrity and are obligated to conduct themselves accordingly.

An essential component of our compliance management system is unwavering adherence to the stipulations of competition and antitrust law. DACHSER is obligated to the principle of free and fair competition, and respects the market forces. At DACHSER, it is unrestricted corporate policy to conduct all business in compliance with the applicable competition and antitrust laws. Any form of consultation, agreement or understanding with competitors, as well as all anti-competitive sharing of data or information, is absolutely prohibited and represents a form of business conduct that DACHSER does not tolerate. There are consequences under competition and antitrust law as well as under employment law for any violations in this regard.


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