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Have you been gripped by wanderlust, or do you want to emigrate? Then you have come to just the right place, and your property is in the very best hands. For many years now, we have been experts in organising international removals across continents – whether by ship, aeroplane, road or rail.
We are specialists when it comes to international removals – regardless of whether it’s by ship, aeroplane, road or rail. We plan, organise and professionally carry out your move abroad or overseas, from door to door.

We plan, organise and professionally carry out your move abroad or overseas, from door to door – regardless of whether you are moving to the USA, China, South Africa or Australia. With us, you will arrive safely anywhere! If you cannot take everything with you, we will be happy to reliably store all or some of your furniture. The benefit to you: you can remain relaxed during every stage of your move and prepare for your professional future without any worries.

“Thanks to our global network of partners, you can expect to receive all the services abroad that our customers so greatly and rightly appreciate in Germany.” (Thomas Schlich, sales support staff, Koblenz)

The distinguishing strengths of our furniture removals service:

  • Establishing the best transport type by ship, aeroplane, road or rail
  • Connection to the global DACHSER network
  • Coordination of the transport routes and methods
  • Door-to-door-service
  • Use and collection of packing material suitable for travel overseas

Services: Transport via sea freight.


  • Comprehensive relocation advice, geared towards your destination country
  • Help in completing customs forms
  • Adherence to current immigration and import regulations
  • Packing your property ready for transport overseas
  • Finding individually tailored transport insurance policies
  • Provision, loading and sealing of steel containers
  • Preliminary transport to departure port, processing, sea freight to destination port
  • Collection by selected partners at designated port and transport to agreed destination

Services: Transport via airfreight.


  • Comprehensive advice for private individuals and employee relocations, tailored to the destination country
  • Help in completing customs procedures
  • Adherence to current immigration and import regulations
  • Complete and secure packing and wrapping of the property to be moved
  • Finding individually tailored transport insurance policies
  • Preliminary transport to departure airport, processing, airfreight to destination airport
  • Collection by selected partners locally and transport to new home

Important notices

Important notices

Among others, the following import bans generally apply:

  • Weapons and ammunition
  • Scuba tanks and lamps
  • Batteries (wheelchairs, e-bikes)
  • Paints and varnishes
  • Food (meat and fruit)
  • Drugs and alcohol
  • Animal products (ivory)Limited transport of vehicles

Wooden packaging material – must meet ISPM Standard No. 15

The DACHSER logistics experts will organise the entire written correspondence with the customs authorities in the destination countries.

Unerring. Customs approval guaranteed.

As an international logistics company, we are completely familiar with the globally applicable customs regulations. Whether your consignment is going from a non-EU country to the EU, or vice versa: we know the individual customs stipulations of the destination countries and will organise the entire customs procedure with the local customs authorities. This is made possible thanks to our ideal connections.
Our employees have always maintained good relations with airlines, shipping companies, authorities and public institutions. Thanks to our great precision when completing documents for customs and authorities, we ensure that your shipment proceeds smoothly. The great familiarity of our haulage systems with the local customs requirements means that our employees are informed of the necessary customs procedures in good time and can organise these.
Experience tells us that close links to the local points of contact are a prerequisite to the success of our work. It is a great advantage to know the language and local practices of the respective country. Our own local fiscal representations guarantee that everything proceeds smoothly as our employees working there have close connections to the local customs authorities and are trusted by them. And the continuous dialogue between them means that our employees are always abreast of the local regulations.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Fiscal representatives for shipments from non-EU countries, with direct transport to another EU country
  • Our own local fiscal representatives
  • Customs advice and implementation of customs procedures
  • Save time and money
  • Electronic export procedure, processed via ATLAS (automated tariff and customs handling system)

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