Your partner for transporting new furniture.

New furniture logistics

When transporting sensitive, non-packaged and bulky furniture, expertise and experience are essential. At Dachser & Kolb, we know how demanding furniture logistics is and what is required. Put your trust in our experience.
We transport new furniture from the manufacturer, workshop or designer to the retailer.

New furniture has to be transported from the manufacturer, workshop or designer to the retailer, i.e. to the furniture dealer. In many cases, this new furniture also comes to Europe in containers from overseas. We order-pick and distribute new furniture to retailers, take product returns back and also deliver to the end-customer on behalf of the retailer (see furniture distribution).
Do you still need a new bed, kitchen table or wardrobe? Have you shopped to your heart’s content at IKEA? Dachser & Kolb will be happy to deliver your purchases to your home.

Your benefits:

  • Many years of experience since 1959
  • Our own specialist employees
  • Our own vehicle fleet with tail lift
  • Our own pool of swap bodies with double-deck capability, including lashing rail
  • Our own network for furniture logistics
  • Connection to the global DACHSER network

Whether it’s from the manufacturer to the retailer (B2B), or from the retailer to the end-customer (B2C) – we have the right solution to meet your needs. And we not only take care of transporting the furniture, but can also store it in Dachser & Kolb warehouses if required, and offer you comprehensive value-added services.

What we transport:

  • New goods and used goods
  • Sensitive goods (e.g. fridges)
  • Long goods (e.g. awning, carpet)
  • Heavy goods (e.g. switching cabinet)
  • Industrial goods (e.g. solar panels)
  • Bulky goods (e.g. boiler)
  • White goods (e.g. washing machine)
  • Brown goods (e.g. TV)
  • Furniture

Our offering comprises furniture transport, warehousing and our value-added services.

Furniture transport:

  • Collection using swap bodies
  • Partial and complete loads
  • Systems logistic using scheduled transports
  • Notification of pending delivery
  • Distribution to the place of receipt
  • Free delivery to the producer or the point of use


  • Storage
  • Order picking
  • Pre-assembly
  • Preparation
  • Technical inspection

Value Added Services:

  • Packaging service: environmentally friendly unpacking, collection of packaging and disposal of packing material
  • Assembly and installation work
  • Environmentally friendly disposal of old appliances and furniture
  • Payment on delivery
  • Returns management, including packaging service
  • Technical service

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