With Dachser & Kolb, moving home is a matter of trust.


With Dachser & Kolb, moving home is a matter of trust.
With Dachser & Kolb, moving home is a matter of trust.

Moving home is a matter of trust. After all, this is about your furniture and belongings.
Satisfied customers are what Dachser & Kolb aims for when carrying out regional and international removals.

Satisfied customers are therefore the central focus of the national and world-wide removals and furniture logistics at Dachser & Kolb. It is to them that we dedicate our quality promise, which comprises the following:



We treat your belongings and furniture with the greatest precision, absolute diligence and great caution. In doing so, we rely on cutting-edge technology and use high-quality equipment and the latest vehicles. In order to guarantee this anywhere and anytime, we work with trained professionals.


The safety of your property is of paramount importance. To this end, our removals experts are specially trained in working without risk and danger during their daily tasks.


We are a reliable partner, from preparing your quote and scheduling your move through to completion of the removal work or transport task.


Our flexibility is reflected in the fact that we can quickly and independently adapt to a variety of conditions. We are a dynamic and adaptable company, and always offer a variety of alternative courses of action.


Sustainability is something we are deeply committed to. In addition, our modern fleet of vehicles makes furniture removals safe, efficient and environmentally friendly. At Dachser & Kolb, we only use HGVs that meet the EU’s stringent emissions standards. Even our high-quality packaging materials meet the latest ecological standards.

“Removals are always a holistic challenge. We take on this challenge with enthusiasm and the utmost professionalism, to ensure that our customers are satisfied.” (Johannes Neumann, Managing Director)

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