Private removals

Private removals

Moving home always represents a new beginning. To allow you to focus all your attention on this fresh start, we are happy to advise you professionally and offer you the best solution for you and your requirements – as an individual removals service. Friendly and professionally. We also comply with individual requests. Do you require a specialist transport service? No matter whether it’s the transporting of art, pianos, motorbikes, cars or boats – just ask our specialists.
We provide our customers with professional, friendly and expert advice, and offer you the best solution for you and your requirements – as an individual service.

Advising: This is about what you need. That is why individual, friendly removals advice offered locally is at the heart of our removals service – before, during and after your move.

Planning: Good planning is half the move done. We carry out a free viewing and draw up a free, non-binding, individual and transparent offer for you; find reliable tradespeople for you, if required; and organise a removals schedule that is right for you.
“Expertise, experience and professional, detailed removals planning are essential for a successful, stress-free move.” (Lothar Dörner, field representative, Kempten)

Doing: Everything will go smoothly – that’s something you can rely on. That’s because we implement your individual requirements exclusively with the help of specialists – prudently, carefully, quickly and professionally. You can therefore put your trust in quality, safety, reliability, and the often-necessary flexibility.

An overview of all our services.

Service packages

Choose between three service packages with different scopes of service.

Ease the burden: our Basic package. We bring your belongings to your new home – a simple, cost-effective service.

Enjoy the freedom: our Convenience package. We not only transport your belongings, but also take apart and re-assemble your furniture – an all-round convenient solution.

The ultimate: our Premium package All you have to do is move in. We will do the rest – a full service, in its truest sense.

We can, of course, flexibly adapt and expand all our services in line with your personal requirements.


Moving students

Boundless knowledge – that’s the key to the future. Students must be mobile in order to attend the universities that most suit their needs in the course of their studies.

“Professional assistance when moving helps save time and allows students to concentrate on registration and coursework. With the Basic package, a move for students is affordable even on a limited budget.” (Michele Gruber, field sales representative, Augsburg)

Moving seniors

Uprooting an old tree requires plenty of experience and particular care. Moving seniors always involves more than simply a transport from A to B. For this reason, we have tailored our offering accordingly and provide a removal and furniture storage service specifically aimed at older customers. We do our best to ensure that a new home once more becomes a much-loved environment. Where required, we use our passenger service to personally convey our customers to their new home.

“We use our experience to help bring a piece of home to the new place of residence.” (Sabine Rinker, field sales representative, Karlsruhe)

All our removal-related services

  • Transfer of customers’ private vehicles
  • Connection and set-up of televisions, radios and telephones using our recommended technicians
  • Cleaning service, curtains
  • Transport of currently superfluous furniture to relatives
  • Transport of bulky individual items of furniture
  • Storage/Interim storage of furniture
  • Disposal and house clearance
  • Installation of no-parking zone
  • Exterior lift, incline platform lift
  • Disposal of packing material
  • Transport insurance

Moving employees

A breath of fresh air for your company: new employees are often the key to success. Especially when they can focus all their energy and attention on their new job from day one. Benefit from our experience for your mutual success. You can, of course, also commission us for the relocation of your existing employees.

“Let us professionals take care of the move so that your new employee can get off to a good start.” (Lars Klinkner, Director of Sales, Koblenz)

International moves

The world is small. In the age of globalisation, moving home across national borders has become a thoroughly routine part of everyday human co-existence. Relocating abroad or overseas is easy – at least for those who know the rules of the game. We organise every detail of your move and arrange all the necessary measures on your behalf. Here you can benefit from the knowledge and experience of an internationally positioned partner.

In the case of short-term moves, you decide what can remain behind at your previous place of residence. You can of course always store your furniture with us.

“Plan ahead, be aware of visa and immunisation requirements, and find out about any quarantine times for pets.” (Falko Loos, sales support staff, Koblenz)

Our range of services for your move:

  • Comprehensive relocation advice – geared towards your destination country
  • Help in completing customs procedures
  • Adherence to current immigration and import regulations
  • Complete and secure packing and wrapping of the property to be moved
  • Transport insurance
  • Comprehensive relocation advice – geared towards your destination country

Our distinguishing strengths:

  • Our own experts at the original and new location
  • Establishing the best transport type by ship, aeroplane, road or rail
  • Closely-knit European road transport network
  • Connection to the global network of the DACHSER Group
  • Door-to-door-service

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Removals list

Do you want a non-binding offer?

With our removals list, you can document the items you want transporting. Then send us the list and we will be happy to plan and calculate your move.

Umzugsgutliste (PDF)