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Project management

Commercial removals are always a major logistical challenge. This is why it is essential to have a partner who not only helps, but also meticulously plans every last detail.
Commercial removals are always a major logistical challenge.

Our project management service gives you the certainty of changing location with minimal down-time and with everything already perfectly set up.


Relocating or changing building is based on a concept and requires expertise – if, for example, the objective is to establish a new branch office and make the best possible use of the building and its rooms. Dachser & Kolb is your expert and experienced partner for this task.

Our services: 

  • Location research
  • Building structure planning
  • Room and seating planning
  • Organisation of special goods removal
  • Removal of the IT infrastructure
  • Advising on individual insurance protection


“When planning your move, we take every detail into account and record the entire procedure in a removal handbook for you.” (Hans-Joachim Centner, sales assistant, Frankfurt)

Our services:

  • Location analysis, including planning of access routes and pathways for the removal assistants
  • Establishing the load limit of floors and stairs.
  • Sourcing external services and tradespeople
  • Drawing up alternative plans in the case of unforeseen events


Everything goes to plan – if everyone pulls in the same direction. We will implement the best solution for you. Smoothly, safely, on time and with no major down-times. In coordination with your staff, we plan and coordinate your move as a comprehensive project.

Our services:

  • Implementation of all removal services in accordance with the removal handbook
  • Coordination and training of everyone involved
  • Implementation of all removal work
  • Final-stage tasks (e.g. destruction of old documents or storage of superfluous inventory)

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